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LIC Policy Status by @ Lic

sent, policies are accessible of various sorts as well as they are helpful to the holder in a broad range of methods. Purchasing a policy is a large procedure. The majority of the individuals are unaware regarding policies as well as they are also not familiar concerning that details which are necessary to recognize approximately the status of the policies.  The agent is no longer responsible for providing LIC policy updates. In addition, a policyholder can also verify their status of the policy by simply sitting at their comfortable space either at home or anywhere through the online.  This attractive service has brought a release to several numbers of policyholders those who were earlier dependent only the agent for any details about their policies.  Nowadays, this service has provided on the official website of LIC.


How To Check LIC Policy Status

the simple and easy procedures which will surely aid to check out your LIC policy status through the online in the trouble-free method. To verify out your LIC policy status then you have to simply go through the following steps

  • Initially, you need to log on the LIC’s official website link such as
  • Once, the website homepage is open then you require to register on this website. It is an easy procedure of registrations is completed in a matter of some seconds. The entire details required to fill out in order to finish the registrations procedure.
  • After you registrations procedure is completed, then you can post any sort of query about your LIC policy. Multiple choices will be demonstrated on the website page as well as the functions will also be heading in the track requested. Then you can choose any choice as per your needs as well as the status of your LIC policy held through you can be verified out. NASA

LIC Policy

LIC Policy status by Registration

olicy number required to be typed as well as behind this has been performed successful, the holder of the policy will capable of obtaining entire details about their current status on policy. In fact, the status will be demonstrated you whatever you need to know regarding the policy.
  • Hence, more required fields are displayed mainly on the official website as well as they are also filled you can come to know your LIC Policy status. Those who wish to get reliable and user-friendly service then they have to go ahead along with the official website to get reliable solutions on LIC policy status.
  • LIC Policy

    LIC Policy status Without Registration/login

    can check lic policy status with policy number without logging into lic portal. You can check Lic policy status by SMS and IVR Toll-free number as mentioned below.

    If you want to your LIC Policy Premium Amount then you can send it as lic premium. also, you can calculate lic premium here.

    Check LIC P

    Check LIC Policy status BY SMS

    various details about policy by sending SMS to 56767877. like premium installments, term, remaining installments, maturity date etc

    To get Premium details Type ASKLIC (Policy Number) PREMIUM and send to 56767877.

    To check Bonus Amount added to your policy Send SMS as ASKLIC<Policy Number> BONUS  to 56767877.

    Check Lic Po

    Check Lic Policy status By customer care Tollfree

    TNL Lic Customer can dial 1251 number to know lic policy status by phone. other users from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai use the customer care numbers of regional lic offices.


    check lic policy status by policy number online?

    status by policy number works only After registration. After the registration, we have to login to lic India portal. and check for lic policy status like

    1. Pending Premium
    2. Revival Amount
    3. Lic Policy Status
    4. Bonus Amount  (here Interest called as bonus Because it’s not particular)
    5. Loan Details like due
    6. Surrender Value (Cancelation of policy) Note; If Lic policy laps within 3 years no Amount will get back to you.
    7. ULIPS (unit linked plans mean buying shares in the stock market) Policies.

    LIC Policy Transa

    LIC Policy Transaction Status Payment

    Portal, Lic direct>> Click On LIC Online payment transaction status.

    Then Enter your Policy Number and Payment date. you will get payment status as on the day.

    lic policy payment online lic India .in

    Note: You can pay lic premium by without login or with login

    Lic Payment Accepted by
    1. Credit Card
    2. Debit card or ATM Card
    3. Netbanking
    you can your lic premium amount by here. Also calculate Lic premium here.
    Note: In order to check Lic policy status you have to login to LIC Portal.

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