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With lic login portal you can Find Life insurance Corporation of India Login information for the various type of users like merchants, agents, development officers and customers as well as new and regular users.Register Login at LIC India Portal. Merchant Login. Agent Login, customer Login. Pay the Premium at Lic Payment portal. Calculate premium based on the plan and your Monthly / Annual Income. check policy status either matured or not.


 LIC Policy Status And Payment by lic login

LIC stands for life Insurance Corporation of India is a one of the most leading public sector life insurance company in India. It is the largest company which has offered different types of methods to clients to understand their lic login policy status by policy number from the online. For looking the policy based details and clients are needed to go in a registration rules as well as already registered clients need to login the correct identity as well as also you can do the process LIC policy status without registration.

Here some of the different methods in those LIC customers can check their policy status policy number.   There are different methods to viewing this status. It is made up of life simple as well as easy to all LIC by offering different steps to know details considering their policies. Here several steps to view the policy status check from the online now.

LIC Login for check lic policy status

The online LIC policy status checking is an extremely easy as well as simple.  Here some of the steps are provided as   given below. Recently, it has become very easy as well as simple to check your LIC policy status online. They are described step by step in detailed steps about how to check the policy status as well as payment from the online.

Lic Login Regisrtation Part 1

  • First of all, you have to open the LIC login official website link at this Lic
  • Then, you will simply click on “new customer” option as given in below picture.
  • For this registration process as new customer, you need to provide details includes
  • Policy number,
  • Premium amount,
  • DOB as well as email ID for succesfull lic login & registration.
  • These four things are to need for filling this policy status option.

Lic Online Regisrtation Part 2

  • After completing this information and you can click on proceed option, that directs to a fresh page.
  • In this new page, you can simply make a user ID as well as the password of your choice.
  • You can consider creating password and username that are username can be alpha, numeric, and underscore. Password is at least of 7 to 8 characters long as well as unique
  • Now you can login as a registered user. To lic login enter username as well as password details.
  • After entering the login details and you can click on this GO button that will help to take you to the new page where you can need to tap on “view enrolled policies”.
  • It will ask you to tap the text shown in the picture, so you can enter it as well as then click on the submit button.
  • Then, this is a time to you will directly to a page containing your policy number.
  • Finally, you will obtain all the details about LIC login policy status, premium due date as well as loan interest rate also.

LIC Regisrtation issue

Registreed with Lic But Not recived regisrtaqtiuon confirmation to email.

for got password for Lic registration. I have to pay the premium & conver it premium term from 6 months to 12 months.

Ans: Now iam able to sign in to Lic login Portal for premium, but we can pay the lic premium before 30 days of the due.

These are the steps to getting to create an account as well as check the policy status from the online. You can before checking these details and then you can consider these details easily. It is very beneficial for you.

Lic Login Customer / Agents / Merchant new user

 Procedure For LIC Policy Status To Registered Users:

Login facility is also provided on the homage for to utilize of a registered users.  You will ready registered users can follow the below steps for life insurance of corporation policy status inquiry through the online. It is easy as well as the simple process to check the status of checking the registered users. So, if you want to check the policy status, you do not worry because simply to use this step. we can  easily to determine or verify all the details from the online without any hassles.

  • Policy holder will have to Log on to LIC login portal at Lic
  • You can simply click on this internet services as shown in a specified place of the screen.
  • This will help to redirect a fresh page as given below. After, you can click on this registered user. It will able you to go into fresh page.

Lic Policy statud by LIC Login

  • Uniquely, LIC policy status login specifies you to enter username as well as the password of your account. After entering all the details click on this GO button as given below on the screen.
  • You will have access to check or verify the policy details in an easy as well as effective manner.
  • When you are entered login details will take you to a new or fresh page where4 you need to click on this view enrolled policies.
  • This click surely will take you to go to the page where a picture with the use of as a text appears as well as look at it.  Simply you can enter the same text as well as click on submit.
  • After, you will have a policy enrolled policy number will also be viewed click on the policy number.
  • After clicking on the policy number as well as LIC login policy status also will be showed as shown in below image.

Steps to check LIC Policy Status by SMS:

Life of Insurance Corporation has also introduced SMS service for policyholders. Still, you can obtain LIC policy by messages by sending a text message by using the mobile phone. This is a free SMS details system that will be helpful as well as useful to all LIC login policy holders to obtain the policy as well as servicing more details. By this method, you can easily to check or verify your policy status without login method. You can easily to check up your details   as well as policy status by using this step. It is easy as well as simple method.  So, you can also easily to check as well as verify all details in an easy as well as effective manner. LIC members also login via lic mobile app

these are procedures for getting the status policy of Life Insurance Corporation. So, if you want to check your status and then you can simply to use this above things. And, then you will easily as well as freely to check your policy status as well as payment of the LIC of   India.

How to Login to Lic India?

  • They are two kinds of logins for users and Agents
  • Choose user Account if you are a Policyholder, if you are an Agent then click lic agent login portal.
  1. Enter your user id (Policy number)
  2. and password

You can able check lic policy status, Register / Enroll New Policy, Pay premium Amount online by Net Banking.


Mostly customer login for pay payment online, you can also pay the premium by without login to lic portal lic direct pay from here..

Note already registered customers on lic portal could visit this URL

But following details required.

  1. Policy Number,
  2. Premium Amount,
  3. Date of Birth,
  4. Email Address and Phone Number.
After above details,  a simple human verification code asks, Apart from above we also pay the premium by Policy Number online without visiting any nearest lic branch office.

LIC Login for policy status

If you want to check your lic policy status, you have to login before check policy status as matured, lapsed,or pending for renewal.

LIC of India Login for New users /customers

For new customers, they have to register for lic to login and pay premiums and other details.
for those users are required to enter the following details
  1. Lic Policy Number
  2. Premium Installments
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Email ID and Phone Number.

Once you get registration link to your email Id, click on confirm, also you get details to your registered mobile number.

You can get LiC Customer Registration Request ID:

within 24 hours your online registration with lic completed then you can make lic payment, check policy status etc.

then you can do lic login for everything.

lic housing finance login  & registration

lichfl portal login password reset process:

 Click on forgot password on lic housing finance login page. then enter the Loan Number and username date of birth. follow the Mobile number instruction etc.
lichfl login for customers here

Lic mutual fund login Registration

visit the lic mutual login page and enter your username and password.

If you forgotten the password then enter lic mutual fund user id. for the first time user have to register with LICMF online by generating PIN Number. for this folio number is required.

Folio number and Transaction Pin required for lic mutual fund registration. for generating transaction  pin following details required Folio number,PAN Number and bank account number.

LIC Credit card login registration apply online

New LIC credit card offers bunch of services to its customer to know more about lic credit cards and its benefits and feature log on to


LIC Agent login portal available here

Lic India online payment Login

For paying premium online, the customer has to login at lic premium payment portal, however, lic India provided one login for all services.

Also, customers can pay the premium through agents or nearest LIC branch office.mostly agents will collect premiums from customers, but educated people may pay the premium at online at

Forgot LIC Login ID / Password:

if you have forgotten user ID then click on forgot user ID at lic India login page enter following details

  1. LIC premium Number
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Premium and a verification code to get back your LIC LOGIN ID.

How to get forgotten/lost LIC login Password?

Simply enter the above details including LIC Login ID and follow further instructions on lic of India login portal page.
NOTE: we can pay Lic Premium online Without login and Registration also.

For login Lic India Customer / Agents / Development Officers Portal

Lic login here

Life insurance corporation of India Login in mobile lic India check lic India mobile login link

LIC Login for premium payment and other available service include at